❝a dozen tongues dripping from my mouth with ease as i traveled the world, as i claimed the universe for myself.❞

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mad as rabbits



I will do my best to carry you when you need a lift


Comfort you when you’re sad


We all feel down now and then


But I’m here if you need me

hi. it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything personal on tumblr, and I feel obligated to make it a habit.

i am currently going through a rough transition in my life. all my friends here know that i take pride in my job and have done nothing but excel for the past two and a half years. just yesterday, i was notified I have a little over a month before they let me go.

my eldest sister is about to take over the building, and corporate wishes to let anybody else in the family go, meaning my mom, middle sister, and i will be jobless pretty soon.

i have plans to move forward from here, but so far it has been an emotional 24 hours. to help cope with all this, I want to try personal blogging again.




how you act like this proper guy but in reality you’re the worst person i’ve ever met”


have you seen him in person he sounds super cute and has this friendly air around him BUT THEN HE CALLS YOU A SHIT IN PUBLIC WITH LITTLE KIDS AROUND

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